If you would like me to perform at your block party, wedding, or McDonalds Grand Opening, please send an email to:

Beautiful women interested in going out for a nice dinner, send me your vegan, vegetarian, or carnivorous preferences, note any allergies (gluten, peanut, etc.), and specify whether Friday or Saturday is your preferred date night.

Or, if you'd like me to contact you...

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Or, you can follow me on Twitter. Follow my Tweets at @JosephPera

Links Worth Linkin' To

My friend Dan Licata and I do musical comedy together and it can be found here

Here's the link to my monthly show, The Bakersville Town Activity Night

Here is the site of my good friend Z-Gress

Here is the site of my good friend Keyboard Cathy

And here's the site of my great friend Dan Licata